Caltex provides attractive fuel card discount for our members. Caltex spend millions in research, development, and upgrading every year so as to increase the performance, minimise the repairs and extend the life of your vehicle. In every country present, Caltex looks to offer a host of products and services to make your journey better.

The cleaning power of Techron® – From research to the real world

When you use inferior-quality fuel, deposits form in vital parts of your engine. Techron®'s formulation is special because it contains polyetheramines, which have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent accumulation of grimy deposits.

But Techron wasn't discovered overnight – it's an innovative formulation that's the result of decades of rigorous research and development. Techron's effectiveness was tested at the Chevron Richmond Technology Center in Center in United States in all kinds of engine and vehicle conditions—to bring you results that are far from standard.

The new and improved Caltex with Techron now contains our new Clean & Glide Technology™ specially formulated to clean and protect your engine. Drive to your nearest Caltex service station to experience the cleaning power.

Platinum 98 with Techron®

Designed for high performance engines and their demanding drivers, this superior grade petrol has all the 5-Star benefits, including the new and improved Techron formulation.

CALTEX Diesel with Techron® D

CALTEX Diesel with Techron® D is a premium performance diesel suitable for all diesel powered vehicles. Techron D's proven cleaning power helps keep fuel injectors clean, protect against corrosion and reduces and foaming while filling up. Because a clean engine gives you optimal power, fuel economy and enhanced reliability.