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Credit Card Authorisation Form
By signing this authorization form: (i) I/We consent to and hereby authorize Diamond Sky Oil Pte. Ltd. (“DSO”) to charge my/our Credit Card Account mentioned below with any amounts due from and owing in respect of the Account Number(s) for accounts with DSO as identified below, from time to time. (ii) I agree to DSO collecting, using and/or disclosing my personal data for the purposes of processing and administering this recurring payment arrangement. (iii) This authorization shall have effect until further notice in writing from both the customer and the credit card holder and upon confirmation and processed by DSO. (iv) This authorization shall have effect after the expiry date of the credit card stated below. (v) Where a third party Credit Card is used, the credit card holder warrant that he/she has obtained consent from the Customer to provide the consent and authorization above their behalf.
- - -
Declaration & Signature
1. DS Fuel Card is issued by Diamond Sky Oil Pte. Ltd. (“DSO”). I/We are applying for a DS Fuel Card account (“Account”) to be set up for the issue of DS Fuel Card(s) to me/us for the provision of Services (i.e. access to services, products, events, rewards and/or benefits offered by DSO and/or its strategic partners) and Products (i.e. fuels, lubricants and other products offered for sale by Caltex service stations that accept the DS Fuel Card (“Authorised Reseller”)). I/We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions on the issue and use of DS Fuel Cards (which latest version was found at and agree to be bound by them. I/We understand that the terms set out here are partial extracts of the Terms and Conditions (which may be amended from time to time). Once DSO approves my/our application for the Account and DS Fuel Card(s) to me/us, the term “Customer” as referred to here and in the Terms and Conditions apply to me/us. I/We authorise DSO to conduct checks (including credit and business activities checks) on me/us and any third parties involved in this application. DSO reserves the right to decline this application without giving any reason or prior notice to me/us. The Terms and Conditions take immediately effect and shall continue until termination of my/our Account.
2. The Customer is fully responsible for the use of the DS Fuel Card(s) by its Cardholders and will ensure that every Cardholder complies with the Terms and Conditions. “Cardholder” means each person authorised by the Customer to receive or use a DS Fuel Card, or to receive an Access Code for Online Services (as defined in the Terms and Conditions).
3. I/We consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information provided in this application and agree that any consent given here is additional to any other consent which I/we may have previously provided to DSO. I/We consent to DSO and other parties contacting me/us via all modes of communication using my/our contact information as provided in this application (or as subsequently updated to DSO). I/We, hereby certify that, to the best of my/our knowledge, the information voluntarily provided here and filled in by me/us is true, accurate and complete, and I/we have obtained the consents from the Cardholders, vehicle owners or the persons whose personal information is provided to DSO. I/We declare that I/we have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, and I/we are willing to follow and be bound by the above declarations. I/we agree that DSO may record my/our conversations with the employees or representatives of DSO when we call the DS Fuel Card Hotline. I/We agree to pay the full amount set out in each Statement of Account on or before the Payment Due Date as set out in the Statement of Account. I/We agree that DSO has the sole discretion to accept or decline the application and DSO is not required to return to me/us this completed form regardless of whether my/our application is accepted or not.